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Learn about our Logo – who designed it and how it came about!

Anthology means a collection of poetry, the name was chosen with the aim of creating a small piece of visual poetry, starting with a collection of five pieces made from metal.

The logo was developed in parallel to the pieces being designed, so Mary and Chris already had a strong idea of what they wanted when they contacted Wibye Design; metal based furniture with more than one function, with a young, design conscious target audience, for happy and functional living.

Having worked with Chris for over 10 years I already knew about his impressive precision engineering company and the quality they would achieve. In an already saturated and highly competitive market, in order to build a brand as a small start-up, expressing this craftsmanship was key. The logo would have to tell a story and stand the test of time.

Eventually Wibye Design decided to focus on the initials in order for the symbol to work on its own, using the ‘A’ and a numeral/roman 5 (V), creating perfect symmetry. Being a logo it had to be simple and focused, so we had to use things that naturally belonged together. By working on the proportions, adding a few lines and placing the letters in relation to each other, the viewer was no longer looking at an ‘A’ and a ‘5’, but a table and a lamp. To finish it off we added a frame, as if looking through a small window – telling a story about who is living there.

Written by: Ellen Wibye, Wibye Advertising


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