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Working with British designers – a rewarding partnership

A big part of being British is the tradition, freedom and guts to challenge convention. The same attitude and open-mindedness drives the desire to produce good design.  Britain’s long and productive history of combining creativity and function to deliver products that are at the forefront of global trends, speaks for itself.  Just look at the Mini, fashion in the 70’s, the London Underground map or the 2012 Olympic torch.

Whilst Chris and I may not have been born in Britain, we are the product of a nation who once ruled the world through innovation and good design.

Working with British designers, engineers and metal craftspeople, who still execute their trade because they love it, is an easy and rewarding choice.

Good teamwork between the designers and makers creates great products. Its why we choose to support local talent and to source materials as close to home as possible.  Working in partnerships to produce pieces of exceptional quality.

Proof is in the design

Working on our first 2 collections with Ceri Almrott has proved our point.  The fact that Ceri could discuss his designs and meet with the people who make them, not only ensures purity of design integrity but also quality in the development and execution of the original design.  We love the way Ceri has designed the STEM Collection to be a multifunctional piece with endless uses.  This makes it a wonderful gift that not only looks beautiful but is truly functional in its many forms.

High quality products – not that easy

Is that brass or copper, is it gold? Is that finish good enough? When will the parts arrive? Packaging? What packaging? I am sure it was 19mm?

The successful creation and delivery of high quality products starts with the sincere and respectful handshake between the lilywhite hand of the designer and the calloused hand of the maker.  Working with British designers and manufacturing products in-house means they can communicate their ideas and collaborate with the engineers and metal craftsmen to get the best possible outcome in terms of finish, quality, execution of their concepts.

It is important to us that our products are the best quality they can be and give their owner years of pleasure.

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